Who Are We?

Gerry Marten (Founder and director of the EcoTipping Points Project) is an ecologist with more than sixty years of research experience in a variety of ecosystems around the world. He has lived and worked in the United States and Canada, Mexico and Central America, East Africa, Southeast Asia, and Japan. His love of nature, while growing up in Southern California’s Santa Monica Mountains, kindled a scientific passion to explore how nature works, and a commitment to translating science so people and communities can make good use of it. Author of the books Human Ecology: Basic Concepts for Sustainable Development and Traditional Agriculture in Southeast Asia: A Human Ecology Perspective, he has published more than one hundred scientific articles, some of them about how ecosystems function and many of them about policy for practical concerns such as fisheries and forest management, tropical agriculture and land use, alternative energy, and how people can live sustainably on this planet. His proudest accomplishment has been development of ecological methods for eradicating the mosquito responsible for transmitting Zika and dengue fever – providing the “ecotechnology” for two EcoTipping Points success stories on this website: eradicating dengue fever from Vietnam and an exciting story from Honduras about a squatter community that freed itself from dengue fever and Zika. Gerry began the EcoTipping Points project to discover how lessons from environmental success stories can point the way to making a better world for his five grandchildren and all the rest of us.

Regina Gregory has long studied and written about environmental economics and natural resources management. Publications include reports for the World Bank, UN ESCAP, and Environmental Defense, and articles for the Honolulu Weekly and Yes! Magazine.

Amanda Suutari, the author of numerous EcoTipping Points articles, is an artist and journalist who works mainly in media and sustainability. During a decade in Asia, she contributed to various publications, including the Southeast Asian Review, Harvard Asia Quarterly, the Japan Times, Kyoto Journal, and Kansai Time Out magazine. Her more recent interests include the emerging field of whole systems design, both in its ecological and organizational applications. Currently based in Vancouver, Canada, she is coaching to assist individuals and organizations to be more effective changemakers.

David Nuñez translated the EcoTipping Points website and Gerry Marten’s Human Ecology book into Spanish. He is co-founder of the non-profit environmental organization Mexiconservación and currently works for Earth Justice in San Francisco.

Steve Brooks was Gerry Marten’s soul mate for devising and fleshing out the EcoTipping Points concept and publishing some of the first articles and success stories. Steve is an award-winning business reporter whose work has appeared in newspapers like the Dallas Morning News and the New Orleans Times-Picayune, and magazines like Fortune and Business Week. His personal tipping point came in 1979, when his Pennsylvania home was almost wiped off the map by the nuclear accident at Three Mile Island. He now lives and writes in Austin, Texas.

Bill Morrison, webmaster of the EcoTipping Points website for many years, is also a digital media educator and community do-gooder whose current interests are in native plant propagation and land stewardship and restoration where he lives on Oahu, Hawaii.

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