Make a Donation to the EcoTipping Points Project

Our stories show that ordinary people have the power to bring about positive change in their own communities. This is important because, with so many examples of destructive, unsustainable practices surrounding us, many people believe that sustainability and harmony within social and environmental systems is an abstract idea, or something that can only be attained by making large-scale, major changes at the level of government or international organizations. Our success stories prove otherwise — Help us spread the word!

A small contribution to our project will make a big difference—we are a small non-profit with a low budget and a big mission, which means that our work is necessarily cost-effective. A small donation will contribute much needed support for:

  • Project research—finding and analyzing success stories , refining our toolkit for community groups to create their own EcoTipping Points;
  • Education—Developing and refining educational materials, visiting classrooms;
  • Website development—making our materials available to a wider audience; and
  • Outreach—collaborating with individuals, schools, community groups, and other non-profit organizations.

A large donation will allow us to develop interactive media to teach young people how to make a difference using EcoTipping Points in their own communities (e.g. games, tutorials, etc.). And don’t forget – all donations are 100% taxdeductible.

We really appreciate your help!

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